How We Work
We’re a small financial planning office that has assembled the best of breed with regards to technology, trading platforms, money managers, research, and custom designed investments. We don’t have to fit into a pre-determined mold and operate within the framework of large bank or broker dealers. Because of their size, they manage to the least common denominator with regards to their advisors and offer mass market products and services.
We’re intentionally selective. To help clients grow and manage their wealth and plan for the future, we believe it’s essential to fully know them, their passions, hopes, dreams, and where they want to go. We want to ensure our clients are happy and successful under their definition of those terms — and if necessary, help them define them. Once identified, we can help our clients use the resources they have to provide the best life possible. You cannot put a value on that, and therefore it can never be commoditized. We cannot possibly build this type of relationship with a large number of clients.

We Believe in Looking at the “Big Picture”
Unlike other service professions, when you engage our practice we are proactively planning for your overall personal and financial well-being. A doctor may think about your health, and a CPA about your taxes. With BayView Private Wealth, you’re getting an advocate that considers your family dynamics, your relationships, your fears and concerns, your profession, and your philanthropic and legacy plans.

Five Key Elements of BayView Private Wealth Asset Management

1. Business Services

  • Provide diversification and tactical allocation around the business cycle.
  • Employ custom liquid and private alternatives to protect you on the downside.
  • Minimize costs and taxes to allow you to keep as much earnings and growth as possible.

2. Grow and Create

  • By leveraging premiums in the market that have prevailed over the long term, we are able to bypass traditional money management that relies on uncontrollable market forces such as forecasting, stocking picking, and market timing. This minimizes turnover and incorrect guessing which invoke even more volatility.
  • Employ structured notes that combine options and bonds to provide a return multiplier effect on attractive indexes.

3. Tax advantaged distributions during life

  • By harvesting gains and losses, focusing on qualified dividends, and making sure the proper assets are in the right accounts, we minimize the tax ramifications of a customized distribution strategy.

4. Tax advantaged distributions at death

  • By making sure your accounts are titled properly, assets are held in the right accounts, and your estate documents are up to date, we ensure your assets will move to your desired beneficiaries as efficiently as possible.

5. Behavioral modification

  • Helping you focus what’s important and controllable, we provide insight the average investor does not possess. Being able to remove the emotion from investing is also a tremendous asset as decisions can be based on qualitative and quantitative data and not the mood of the times.

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Here at BayView Private Wealth, we seek to serve each and every client as an individual who matters. Request an appointment today!
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