Our Approach
First, we should probably talk about what we don’t do: we don’t make predictions or speculate about what the market is going to do next. We don’t claim to have a crystal ball or the ability forecast the future.
Instead, we rely on principles grounded in academic finance. Our approach avoids the risk of speculation and is based on solid theory and decades of empirical research.
We collaborate with local CPAs and Estate Attorneys to ensure that we are building comprehensive planning that addresses the most efficient tax and legacy policy for your family.
We Believe Capital Markets Work
First and foremost, we believe capital markets work and ultimately reward investors for taking risk and providing capital. Thus, if a portfolio is properly structured — with an emphasis on diversification across a range of asset classes that are most appropriate for a person’s individual goals, time horizon and tolerance for risk — greater rewards can be achieved. We also believe our approach provides a better investment experience by focusing on what we can control, like costs and taxes.
Let Markets Work for You
We Believe in Making Smart Decisions With Our Client’s Money
A financial advisor’s role is not just to deliver investment performance, but to build relationships based on trust. The best way to build trust is by helping clients make smart decisions about their money. Speculating about the future is not a smart decision. And making promises you can’t keep doesn’t build trust.
At BayView Private Wealth we believe in proper portfolio structuring, transparency with our clients, and an academic understanding of how markets work. This time-tested approach has enabled us to build relationships based on trust and deliver long-term results for our clients.

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